Effect of organizational culture on virtual team performance: A case of Newmont Golden Ridge Limited.

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The fundamental issue in project management is managing effectively the people working in teams. At the same time, organisational culture is seen as a major characteristic, which affect project management structure. The current study explored the linkage that exist between organisational culture and virtual team performance in the mining companies. The study targeted sixty-(60) support staff employees in all departments in Newmont Golden Ridge Limited in Eastern Region. The researcher, preceded by a pilot study, developed the instrument for the data collection. The pilot study was initially conducted in a similar mining company to ascertain its validity and the reliability. The data for the study was from primary source in that; closed-ended questionnaire was designed and distributed to the support staff employees in each department at Newmont Golden Ridge Limited. The study used census survey where all the 60 respondents constituting all support staff employees in Newmont Golden Ridge Limited. The data generated was analyzed using mean score ranking technique to determine the extent of the effect of organizational culture on virtual team performance. Descriptive statistics was used to test the data. The results obtained indicate that organizational culture in the organization is good for employees. Further, the results suggest that organizational culture affect virtual team performance. The study recommends that employers develop and strength the organizational culture practices that expose workers, especially project teams’ members know the norms and values to be applied in the organization. Again, it is recommended strongly that organizational members or employees must be given the required organizational and project management orientation in order to help teams to perform. The orientation will help to know the basic concepts of project management by enlightening them on how to work in teams to deliver superb performance. Since the sample size for the current study was small, it will be of importance for future researchers to use a larger sampleiii size to obtain more intuition on the topic. In addition, it is recommended that future researches adopt an alternate research methodology like qualitative methodology, which may uncover new cause effect on organizational culture and virtual team performance.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management College of Arts and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Award Degree of Master of Science.
Organizational culture on virtual team performance, Newmont Golden Ridge Limited.