An assessment of customer service delivery in a 3-star hotel in Kumasi: the case study of Sir Max Hotel Ahodwo - Kumasi

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The development in Ghana, whereby most women are no more house wives but working mothers has increase the patronage of eating out or buying already cooked food from food service joints to be consumed at home. Secondly, for Ghana to attract and widen its tourist base, its hotel industry must be developed with elite customer service delivery. This has enlightened customers as to the type of service delivered to them at the food service joints to an extent of comparing one spot another. Hotels are one of the most important demand for a tourist, and in Kumasi, the problem is how to deliver good customer service in the hotels especially the 3- star hotels which are rated higher. Thus the study evaluates customers expectation as to the perceived service received from hoteliers. Sir Max, a 3-star hotel at Ahodwo in Kumasi the garden city of Ghana, was studied to determine the customer service offered to attract, satisfy and retain customers. The research method used was a case study approach whereby management of the hotel was interviewed with unstructured questions and questionnaires administered to both internal and external customers. In addition was a participatory observation of the researcher as a confirmation to the responses. The study also examined hotel management’s standards put in place, whether these are customer oriented. Besides, it seeks to determine whether internal customers are trained to put customers first in their dealings. And also if the service delivered actually gives the customers satisfaction. Furthermore the determinants of good customer service delivery were used to measure the level of delivery such as reliability, communication, competence, courteousness and others. The study showed the customer service approach in place, the skill and knowledge of staff about customer service, the ambience, facilities, comfort, cleanliness, guest relation, motivation and security of Sir Max Hotel. The most significant factor to achieve successful customer service in a hotel is to have a good customer service strategy and plan in place by management; because these are very important in developing a valuable marketing weapon. The results of the study generally indicated that, management did not have a customer service approach in place but rather took note of customers’ problems. Secondly the hotel had skilled and knowledgeable staff that practiced customer service attributes to the uttermost. The facilities of the hotel on the average were good; likewise the level of customer turnover and customer satisfaction. Through good customer service, (moment of truth) Sir Max Hotel though in a less- than prime site and area out performed their counterparts in superior locations. This is because they have a lot of loyal customers who through word of mouth advertised the hotel. To conclude management need to put in place customer service strategies and plans; and both staff and management should be ready to implement changes at all times to meet customers’ need and satisfaction.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration, 2008