Assessing the competence level of project managers in Ghana A case study of the 2018/2019 MSc Project Management Class

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Project management has become one of the most studied professional courses in Ghana and the world at large. This is because most of the things done in the working environment are projects; meaning, projects have start and finish dates. Therefore, project managers in their respective industries are required by their organizations to help execute projects successfully right from the initiation phase through to closure. Executing this activity requires project managers to possess knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete projects to stakeholder satisfaction; hence, the need for acquisition of competencies by the project manager. The aim of this work is to explore project management competencies of project managers. This work employed a survey research strategy to assess the competence of project managers with a selected sample size of 150 from the MSc project management class of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Institute of Distance Learning. The findings indicated that, the students have gained countless number of project management competencies especially the technical skills. The study advocates a conscientious development and harnessing of project manager competence to enhance project success in Ghana. Again, it was realized that, most of the research works that have been conducted on the competence of the Ghanaian Project manager were based in the construction industry. More research needs to be conducted in other aspects of the Ghanaian working industry not only in the construction industry. Data generated from literature throws light on the fact that, project managers need to build strong competencies in knowledge, technical and people skills in other to excel as project managers in Ghana. In conclusion, it is suggested that, the study will educate project managers and project stakeholders of theiv importance of project manager’s competence that he or she brings on board in helping to execute projects to a successful completion.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master Of Science Project Management.
Competence level, Project Management, Project Manage