The role of local economic development sub-committee in Job creation: A case study of Adentan Municipal Assembly

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Job creation in recent times has been proposed as one of the main solutions to addressing development in many countries. Ghana in a bid to development the economy especially in the local communities adopted a decentralised approach where inhabitants had a say in how they want to develop. In terms of job creation, at the district level the Local Economic Development Subcommittee (LEDS) was set up to oversee and manage the local economy in order to promote growth and development. The purpose of the study is to identify the role of LEDS in job creation in the Adentan Municipality. The objectives of the study were to identify the effectiveness of the local economic development subcommittee in job creation in the municipality; to identity the LEDS tools, process and the institutional set-up to manage job creation initiatives in the municipality; and propose measures in enhancing their activities. A qualitative research approach and interview method in data gathering were used. Indepth interviews were used to gather data from eight (8) members of the LEDS and also staff in the assembly involved in job creation. A thematic analytical approach was also used to analyse the data collected. The study specifically found that the main roles play by LEDS in job creation included: distribution of economic resources; creating opportunities for public participation in development activities; promotion of productive ventures and delivery of public services; monitoring and regulating market forces; and training and skills enhancement. The study data suggest that LEDS in the study has created a number of jobs by facilitating, enabling, stimulating and coordinating certain programmes and projects such as the Business Advisory Centre (BAC) and Mushroom Projects. Also, it was found that the process involved in job management in the study are in line with project management practices. With these findings, key recommendations toward effective and efficient job creation by the LEDS include enhancing and strengthening the roles of the LEDS and increasing and improving upon skills provision and training programmes in the Adentan Municipality.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science
role of local economic, Job creation, Adentan Municipal Assembly