Implementing it Governance in Ghanaian Public Universities: (KNUST as a case study)

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Relatively new in Ghana, IT Governance is defined as specifying the framework for decision rights and accountabilities to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT; this is in order to guarantee that the IT system of an organization sustains its goals and strategies. This intends to guide and control the IT function in order to add value to the organization and to minimize IT risks. The purpose of the research was to determine the current IT governance in KNUST, determine if KNUST IT governance was in line with standard best practices and to find suitable IT governance model for KNUST. Questionnaires were distributed to the IT decisions makers in the university. The information obtained was then analyzed and compared with the Weill and Ross model of IT governance. The results obtained from this study showed that the IT governance of KNUST was lower than desired and was not in line with best practices. And therefore a modified form of Weill and Ross model was proposed for KNUST based on information provided from the study.
A Dissertation Presented to the Institute in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Science in Advanced ICT Studies (Management Option), 2009