Impact of blockchain application on procurement process effectiveness and supply chain performance (a case study of manufacturing firms in Ghana)

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This study's objective is to analyse the impact of blockchain applications on supply chain performance by analysing the function of procurement efficiency as a mediator. Although previous research has examined many scp determinants, the function of procurement effectiveness as a mediator between procurement blockchain applications and supply chain performance remains uncertain. Descriptive and cross-sectional research methods were used for this investigation. A total of 136 purchasing and supply chain managers participated in this quantitative investigation. Much of the information was gathered by using a predesigned questionnaire. Both spss and smartpls were used to decipher the information gathered. Descriptive and inferential research techniques were used to analyse the data. The result demonstrated that the blockchain application's ability to improve procurement efficiency had a positive, significant direct influence. The outcome showed that the blockchain application to sc performance had a significant, considerable direct impact. The results demonstrated a considerable positive direct relationship between sc performance and procurement effectiveness. The findings showed that procurement effectiveness mediated the relationship between blockchain applications and sc performance positively. This implies that managers and organizations in the attempt of implementing bct, should carefully consider the components of sc cooperation as it plays a critical role in driving superior supply chain performance.
A thesis submitted to the department of supply chain and information systems, Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology (institute of distance learning), Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of science in procurement and supply chain management