Exploring the safety climate and performance of roof construction in Ghana

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Roof construction is the most vital component of a building since the roof serves as a shelter for all life and properties. Workers in roof construction are prone to many accidents mainly due to the height involved. This study aimed at exploring the safety climate and performance of roof construction in Ghana. The objectives of the study are; to explore the safety precautions for workers in the roof construction industry, to identify the factors that affect the quality of workers safety in roof construction and to identify effective safety climate practices in the roof construction industry were set to achieve the aim of the study. Purposive sampling was used in sampling the respondents. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from the respondents for the analysis. The analysis was done using the relative importance index, one sample-test and mean score ranking. Mean score ranking was used in the analysis of safety precautions for workers to rank them from the most to the least important. A one sample t-test analysis was conducted to affirm that these precautions were indeed safety precautions being used by roof construction workers. The use of mean score ranking and relative importance index was used to rank the factors that affect the quality of workers safety from the highest to the lowest. The factors that ranked as the first five are lack of training, lack of personal protective equipment, lack of management commitment to safety, lack of inspection procedures on site and lack of skilled labour. To distinguish compelling wellbeing atmosphere hones in the rooftop development industry, the gathered information from the respondents were dissected utilizing the mean score positioning and the one example t-test. The analysis revealed the most important practice as the provision of personal protective equipment. The research recommends that, practitioners make sure employees abide with the safety rules and regulations when executing their daily works and the fact that safety officers should also educate workers on the importance of abiding with safety precautions on site for safe working environment.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Safety, Climate, Performance, Roof construction, Ghana