Copper jewellery at sewia, story told, statements made

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The art of copper smithing at Sewia in the Ashanti Region has become a profession of the people especially of the youth. This branch of metal work, which is passed on from generation to generation has been overlooked. It is therefore very important to bring the industry to limelight as it has been with the other arts such as woodcarving, pottery making, brass casting and so on. The researcher, to do, this has given an introduction into the art of copper smithing at Sewia and has outlined the statement of the problem and the objectives for the study. Literature related to copper and copper smithing have also been reviewed. The descriptive and historical research methods employed by the researcher to come out with the study have also been described. This includes stepwise procedures undertaken by the researcher in arriving at the information contained in this thesis. Presentation and analysis of findings have also been discussed. This includes a brief history of copper smithing at Sewia, tools and materials used, design methods and the fabrication and finishing techniques of the art. Ways of improvement of the art by the introduction of new ideas for designing and other production techniques which would help develop copper jewellery produced at Sewia to be more competitive in the international market as well as to enable the art to be practiced in its modern terms have been suggested.
A thesis submitted to the College oa Arts and Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts (Art Education), 2005