Appraising the delivery of Ghanaian cultural components in the Senior High Schools Art Programme: case study, General Knowledge in Art

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May, 2007
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The government of Ghana has embarked on various Education Reforms with the view to making it responsive to current challenges and thereby enriching and preserving the Ghanaian cultural heritage. This practical research is an attempt to appraise the delivery of the Ghanaian cultural components in the Senior High School Visual Arts Programme, and the focus is on General Knowledge in Art (G.K.A.). This is to help solve some of the Senior High School G.K.A. delivery problems in the Visual Art classrooms. Since much of the study is qualitative in nature, data were collected, described and analyzed as in Descriptive Research. Based on this method, the research examined the cultural components in the curriculum and it’s delivery of the General Knowledge in Art in the Senior High Schools. Besides, general description and analysis were used to bring out the reasons for inculturating the classroom delivery. Observation, Questionnaire and Interview were used as research tools to search for the appropriate information and also to solicit views and comments on the best way of delivering. All the three tools were used to make sure the truth comes out. Teachers were observed in the classroom and the major findings and analysis indicated that the new system of delivery which is based on Ghanaian culture has reflections on the philosophy and aims of education. The existing G.K.A. topics were examined in the light of Ghana’s philosophy of self-reliance and also based on the Ghanaian philosophical foundations. The main recommendations dwelt on the need for Senior High School teachers to adopt a better delivery system based on the Ghanaian culture so that students will be well versed in their arts and culture, have a close relationship with it and embrace it in their daily lives and make it part of themselves without which they won’t be holistically educated. The framework of the cultural appraisal as addressed in this thesis is an attempt to provide a platform on which Visual Arts specialists would develop their delivery in the classroom for the benefit of both educators and educands in Art Education and general education as well. H.K.A.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies,Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi,in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master in Arts in Art Education,