An Assessment of Project Risk Management in the Construction of Telecommunication Towers

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This academic research aims at examining how telecommunication operators identify, measure and manage risks in cell site construction projects in Ghana. The specific objectives are to determine how cell sites are constructed; the risks involved and examine how project implementers have managed the risk forms in tower construction projects. The study makes use of field data sourced from major telecommunication operators in Ghana through administered questionnaires delivered to respondents . Fifty-six (56) questionnaires were administered but due to a high non-response rate, thirty-two (32) were obtained, representing 62% of the total respondents. There were 19 respondents from Millicom Ghana (tiGo); 6 from MTN; 4 from Vodafone; 2from Airtel and 1 from Espresso. Findings in this study indicate that tasks such as site feasibility assessment, survey, and marking; finalization of specifications for equipment, works in consultation with technical and commercial teams are critical in the construction process. Financial and market leadership loss risks are also most crucial to their success. Project implementers transfer financial risk by use of insurance over inclusion of indemnity clauses in contracts. The expected net present value (ENPV) and expected monitory value (EMV) are the most prevalent quantitative techniques used to identify and measure risks as "rule of thumb” is used qualitatively. Collaboration among project parties is fundamental to achieve cell site project goals. Recommendations include attention to feasibility assessment and a fair representation of individuals with various backgrounds for an evaluative oversight for minimal deviation in standards, capital budgets and consumer centric factors.
A Thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Commonwealth Executive Masters of Business Administration, September-2012