Computer assembly plant - Tema

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Computers and ICT have changed the way people live and work. This global phenomenon has transformed the economies of many countries, increasing computer literacy rates or for that matter ICT knowledge base of a nation have proven to boost economic growth but this unfortunately is not the case for many developing countries such Ghana which has a low Computer literacy rate. Accordingly there is the need for improved computer literacy rate. The main objective of this thesis project is to document and design a Computer Assembly plant which would produce affordable computers in Ghana for both the Ghanaian and West African markets. This Assembly plant would not only cater for the just the assembly of computers but also IT training and job creation for the youth. The Computer Assembly plant would make use of the serial assembly process which is more commonly known as an assembly line where the process is broken into individual steps, and completed by different assemblers in a specific sequence. The Computer Assembly plant would not only have a factory for assembling computers but also other facilities such as a Training centre, a Research lab and an After-sales servicing centre all in the quest to develop the ICT knowledge base of the country. Having Computer Assembly plants would help in the realization of the economic and technological advancement of Ghana through making of computers affordable and also easily available and accessible to the people thereby increasing the computer literacy rate.
A thesis report submitted to the Department of Architecture Faculty of Architecture and Building Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of PostGraduate Diploma in Architecture Degree.