Le Discours de l’Ex-Président Jerry John Rawlings prononcé le 16 janvier 2010 lors de la Conférence du Bureau Exécutif du NDC à Tamale: Une Analyse Pragmatique

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Following the famous hypothesis within the area of pragmalinguistics which claims that whenever we speak, there are things that we present clearly and others are implied, we agree to some extent, that the story told of « Atta mortuary-man » has a hidden meaning. It is not surprising that this story has been criticised by a lot of Ghanaians. In order to clarify these many arguments, we research into the topic « A pragmatic analysis of Ex-President Rawlings’ speech delivered at the National Delegates Conference of the NDC at Tamale on 16 January 2010 ». This study employs the qualitative method of research through the application of the theories of presupposition, inference, and argumentative orientation, to analyse this speech that was delivered by ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, vis-a-vis the story he told of « Atta mortuary-man ». The study confirms the above mentioned hypothesis that, truly, whatever we say contains elements of the « unsaid » in the form of presuppositions and inferences, and also examines a new form of presupposition, that is, « presupposition of intention ». The study equally shows that, whenever we speak, we argue form a particular point of view.
A Thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Philosophy in French, July-2011
Pragmalinguistics, Implicit, Discourse, Pragmatic, Presupposition, Inference, Augumentative orientation