The impact of mobile money on the performance of micro, small and medium enterprises (msme's) in the kumasi metropolis

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MOMO exists at the intersection of moveable/transport network and fiscal facilities, and its strength in circulation and promotion is hidden behind a technological veneer. It is undeniably troublesome to traditional financial service companies' businesses and has the ability to encourage broad change through greater productivity and easier access. The bulk of SME’s in Ghana are in the unceremonious segment, with the bulk of them for being individual administrator or domestic business. Several of these microenterprise owners do not own bank accounts, and those who do find them inconvenient to use since they must leave their enterprises unmanned to perform payments at a financial firm. As a consequence, MOMO facilities have grown in popularity among both the unbanked and the banked. The comparable affordability of cellphones and the moveable financial transactions they provide has hastened the development of MOMO transfer services. Yet, there is slight investigation on how the MOMO loan scheme influenced the performance of the SME’s and the study focused on the utilization of MOMO facilities among SME’s in the Kumasi Metropolis. Survey questionnaires were used to gather data from a 211 managers of the SME’s in Kumasi Metropolis. Structural equation modelling was used to test the hypotheses of the study using Smart PLS version 4. The study analysis show that, effort expectancy and performance expectancy significantly influence MOMO facility acceptability. The work results also demonstrate that, MOMO facility usage has a significantly positive influence on SME Performance. The work commends that, MOMO facility suppliers ought to give SME’s greater support, including technical support and training, to enable them to embrace and use MOMO facilities successfully, which can boost their business performance.
A thesis submitted to the school of business, kunst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of mba strategic management and consulting