Comparative study of certified PMP and uncertified PMP project managers on successful project delivery

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Project managers are an integral part of every project team in ensuring successful project delivery. This is because the role played by a project manager is critical in the life cycle of the project that whether the project will be successful or not depends very much on the project manager. This study sought to establish the effect of Certified PMP and unCertified PMP project managers on successful project delivery in the Accra Metropolitan Area. In adherence, the following objectives were adduced; identifying the level of awareness of the project management knowledge areas among project managers, factors that account for project success, and effects of Certified PMP and unCertified PMP project managers on project success. The study adopted the mix research method to establish the effect of Certified PMP and unCertified PMP project managers on successful project delivery. Purposive sampling technique was used to sample 96 respondents, comprising building consultants, construction firms and ministries within the Accra Metropolitan Area for the study. Questionnaire was used as instrument for gathering data from the respondents. Statistical Product for Service Solutions (SPSS) version 21 was used to process the data. Descriptive statistics such as mean, frequencies and percentages were used to analyse the data.The study found that majority of the project managers fully agree that project management is an effective tool for managing projects and largely apply the concepts of project management in their course of work. A strong agreement exist among project managers both Certified PMP and uncertified PMP that their roles as project managers positively impacted their projects.For uncertified PMP project managers “Leadership style of the project manager”, “Project manager’s handling of Disputes/Claims”, “Project manager’s attitude towards Arbitration” ,“Leadership skills of the project manager” and “Project manager’s handling of External factors affecting the project” were ranked as the 5 topmost factors whiles for Certified PMP project managers project “Project manager ensuring Clientv satisfaction”, “Project manager ensuring regular Stakeholders engagement”, “Project manager’s handling of Scope, budget, schedule and quality issues”, “Project manager’s handling of Risk and safety issues” and “Project manager building mutual trust” were the 5 topmost factors. Again most project managers have successfully managed projects before, with 10% of project managers not certain of the outcome of their projects because they claim that the contracts for the projects are often terminated in the course of executing the project by their clients. The study recommends that project managers should exhibit the habits of practicing other project management knowledge areas in order to fully be aware of their implementations, project managers should as much as possible consider measures that could enable them minimize or curb the enormous effects that impact their projects, project managers should intensify their project management practices in order to advance in project success factors and explore additional ones. And finally uncertified PMP project managers should take the initiative to join the professional body to become Certified PMP since they are already aware of project management knowledge areas in other to gain recognition.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award Degree of Master of Science.
Project Manager, Project Delivery, Comparative Study, Project and Accra Metropolitan Assembly.