Assessing performance management practices: A case study of Obuasi Senior High Technical School

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The focus of the study was to assess the performance management practices of the Obuasi Senior High Technical School (OSTS), Obuasi. Performance management helps to rate the performance of the employee and evaluate their contributions towards organization achievement. However, the careful development of performance management processes and performance measurement techniques poses a number of detailed analytical problems that take on a particular significance in the education sector, which merit further examination. To achieve this goal, data was collected using self- administered questionnaires on a population of 141 teaching and 15 non-teaching staff. The findings of the study indicate that performance was managed mostly through performance appraisal, done annually, termly or when an employee was due for promotion. It was further revealed that performance results were not linked to reward; promotioninterview was done based on length of service for poor and good performers. Again, the purpose of appraisal was not clear to the staff, while the results of appraisal were not discussed with the appraisees. Based on the findings it is recommended that the interval of assessing staff should be increased to weekly and monthly. It was further recommended that appraisal should be linked to the goal of the institution, rewarding and punishing when due and should also be used to assess training needs of personnel lacking requisite skills.
A thesis submitted to the Graduate School of Business KNUST, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in Masters of Business Administration (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT), 2013.