Ridge park development, Kumasi

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In searching for variety in leisure facilities in Kumasi today, one would have to search for ever. That is existing facilities for leisure in Kumasi offer very little by way of choice and. quality. Although Kumasi has a rich cultural history and high potential tourism value, these have not been well developed. The Ridge Park Development, Kumasi, is the solution to the increasing demand by local residents for variety and change in leisure activities. The objective of this thesis is to develop an urban leisure park in Kumasi which will appeal to all members of the community. The clients, the Ghana Tourist Board., also hope to boost domestic and. international tourism by the development of this scenic out-door park. The site is in the Ridge Residential Area; east of Government Road, north of Pine Avenue and. duo south of the Catering Rest House. It actually includes part of the present Military Barracks - the swimming pool and the Magazine. The Military is due to move out of this area. The bulk of its land and. buildings will go to the Central Hospital, but this piece of land has been zoned (by the Town and Country Planning Committee of Kumasi) for recreation. The above mentioned site has romantic and. historic appeal, It lies close to the Ghana Armed Forces Military Museum (Fort George), The Old Poser Houses Kumasi Club and St. George Chapel. There are underground springs on the site. It is crossed by a river. A well was sunk on the site in the last century. (It still provides water).
A design thesis report presented to the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture,1986.