Tamale International Airport (TML)

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The aviation statistics of Ghana in terms of Passenger throughput capacity reveals an average growth of 10% for the past 5 years. Aviation statistical projection up to 2013 by GCAA Corporate Planning reveals the following data 2010 - 1 348 829, 2011 - 1 483 767, 2012 - 1 632 144, 2013 - 1 795 359. With an annual growth of 10% Ghana is expected to be receiving about 3million passengers per annum by 2020 and about 6million passengers by 2030. Kotoka International airport stands as the only International airport for both short and long haul international flights. KIA currently has a capacity of 1 260 passengers per annum. Plans are underway to rehabilitate KIA to be able to handle 2million passengers by 2020. This implies beyond 2020 there will be passenger excess to be catered for and hence the need for a new international airport in Ghana. Tamale was considered to be the next location for Ghana's next international airport. The idea is to create a catalyst that will help bridge the developmental gap between the down- south and up-north of Ghana. After a careful consideration of the clients brief and intentions, case studies, site analysis and technical studies a brief was developed. The brief took into careful consideration Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO Annexes, ICAN and FAA recommendations. A design proposal from master planning to detailed design was formulated based on the brief. The project further details the services and construction technology and phasing of project and finally presets conclusions on the way forward in helping realize Ghana's aviation dreams.  
A thesis submitted to College of Architecture and Planning, 2009