Succession Planning as a Tool for Organizational Development: a Case Study of Britak Steel Company Limited

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Succession planning can be said to mean the processes through which companies plan for the future transfer of ownership and/or top management. It needs to be managed to ensure proper or smooth transition and effective practices wherever it is practised because the success of every firm/industry be it private or public in this technology infested world, rely mainly on effective, efficient, dedicated and well trained managers. It is in the light of these circumstances that the study was undertaken with the main objective of investigating the succession planning processes and its impact on the development of Britak Steel Complex limited which is a family company. Questionnaires were the instrument used to collect data and Statistical Package for Social Science(SPSS) software was used for analysis and presentations were made accordingly. The findings of the study revealed that even though succession planning policy is informally practiced at Britak Steel Company, much is not being done to put the process in the main stream hence heavy reliance on external sources to fill vacant positions in the organization especially managerial positions. Recommendations made by the researcher to the company include, the empowerment of the junior staff through periodic development career training programmes, comprehensive and formidable succession planning programmes with clear implementation policies among others.
A thesis submitted to the College of Arts and Social Sciences, 2008