Assessment of construction claims on project performance in Ghana

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The occurrence of construction claims is inevitable given the nature of contracts formed, their complexity and the number of parties involved. However, adequate management and control of these claims ensure that construction projects are kept within budget and also avoid unnecessary delays. This is a quantitative study that was conducted in some construction firms in the Accra metropolis in the Greater Accra region with an aim of assessing the effect of construction claims on project performance in Ghana. Hence, structured questionnaires were used to obtain data to ascertain the construction claims factors, implications and strategies to control construction claims. A total number of fifty-five questionnaires were administered and fifty were retrieved representing a response rate of 90.91%. Relative Importance Index rankings was the main tool used for analysis. The findings of the research revealed that the main construction claim factors, such as late instructions, competition in terms of time, cost, quality and environmental problems, combination of design errors and scope increases and payment and budgetary. However, the main construction claims controlling strategies were: record keeping, knowledge of contract and planning and scheduling were also ascertained. The main implications of construction claims on project performance were disclosed as cost overrun of project, result in an increase in project cost, leads to abandonment of projects, rework and demolition and idling of project resources. It was therefore recommended that parties to a construction project should ensure adequate record keeping at every stage, thorough knowledge of contract and adequate planning and scheduling of all activities before project commences.
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.
Project, Construction, Claims, Ghana, Performance