Assessment of weight loss programmes in the Kumasi Metropolis.

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Weight loss markets have grown rapidly and have given rise to opportunities for weight loss consultants due to a high level of public awareness and the growing rates of obesity. There are different interventions now realised with weight loss industries today. They may be fitness centres or weight loss consultants or companies who attend to their clients by the introduction of supplements and other health foods. The study sought to assess the weight loss programmes in the Kumasi metropolis. The assessment was limited to the level of public awareness of the weight loss programmes in the Kumasi metropolis and the various interventions in the industry leading to healthy weight loss. The study also sought to identify challenges with weight loss programmes in Kumasi. The convenience sampling technique was used. The study was designed to collect data from 204 registered members but the findings presented were based on 155 respondents from the selected fitness centres and weight loss firms. The majority had a fair knowledge about the gym, weight loss companies, dieting, and some other weight loss programmes. It was realised that certain factors such as motivation, improvement in weight status, and other benefits from the programme such as optimal health and youthfulness, highly influenced one's participation in a particular programme. It was also realised that pricing and programme packaging also influenced the level of patronage. Though all the programmes result in some weight loss especially within the first three months, the gym seemed to have caught the attention of the masses due to its exceeding benefits.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management and Consulting-option) KNUST School of Business College of Humanities and Social Sciences,