CD27 expression of T-cells discriminates IGRA-negative TB patients from healthy contacts in Ghana

IFN-g release assays (IGRAs) have suboptimal sensitivity for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection and cannot discriminate between tuberculosis (TB) patients and healthy -potentially Mtb infected- contacts (HCs). In a case-control study, we determined T-cell phenotypes of IGRAs in TB patients (n ¼ 20) and HCs (n ¼ 20) from Ghana. CD27 expression of T-cells was significantly lower in TB patients as compared to HCs independent from Mtb-specificity. CD27 expression discriminated both study groups - including TB patients with low or indeterminate IGRA results - effectively. We conclude that CD27 is a promising biomarker for diagnosis of TB patients with inconclusive IGRA results.
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Tuberculosis, Healthy contacts, IFN-g release assay, CD27, T-cell
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