Analyzing the effects of job satisfaction on project Performance: the perspective of project team members of Selected mmdas in greater Accra

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Satisfaction on one’s job has become a major problem among workers.The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of job satisfaction on project performance. The importance of the study is based on identifying the various motivational strategies used, measures put in place to maintain project team members, ensuring job satisfaction and the influence of job satisfaction strategies on project cost and time performance. It has become a difficult task for organizations to keep employees for a long time on the job. One of the reasons why project team members perform less on their jobs is lack of job satisfaction. Others also leave their jobs for other jobs because they want more challenging jobs related to their field. Organizations therefore have the huge task of keeping their employees satisfied and ultimately retaining them in the organization to ensure optimum output. This study sought to assess the effects of job satisfaction on project performance from the perspective of project team members of selected MMDAs in Accra. The main objectives of this research work included; To establish the underlying determinants of job satisfaction of project team members of selected MMDAS in Greater Accra, To assess the extent of job satisfaction of project team members in selected MMDAS in Greater Accra and to analyse the effects of determinant of Job satisfaction of project team members on project performance of project team members of selected MMDAS in Greater Accra. The main source of data were obtained from primary and secondary sources. Simple random technique was used to select a sample 90 respondents. The two methods of research used were qualitative and quantitative. Data analysis used was descriptive statistics (mean scores and standard deviation). The results from the research indicates that job satisfaction has a significant effect on project performance as well as on time and cost performance, and it is recommended that the assembly must liaise effectively with the appropriate bodies at the regional and national levels, so as to push forward for the timely release of funds due for project staff. Shortfall in this area stifles the efficiency in work; hence efforts must be made to improve the situation in the municipality and also other organizations in the country as a whole.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award Degree of Master of Science Project Management.
Analyzing, Job satisfaction, Performance, Greater Accra, MMDAS