Social dimension of sustainability integration into construction project management practices: Ghanaian project managers’ view

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The call for sustainable development has increased the awareness of the construction industry to support the sustainable development agenda by including social considerations throughout the entire construction project life cycle: planning, design, construction, operation, and deconstruction. This study discovered ways of integrating social sustainability into project management practices in Ghana. In pursuing this aim, three objectives were set out. These includes, identification of areas of impact of social sustainability on the practices of construction project management, identification of the critical success factors to integration of social sustainability into project management practices and identification of the difficulties associated with social sustainability integration into project management practices. A quantitative research method was used for the study. A structured survey was developed to collect primary data from project / site managers in Accra Metropolis. The sampling technique used for the study is a convenient sampling technique. The study reveals that all the areas under project management practices are very important for the incorporating social sustainability. However, among the areas, recognition of the context of the project was rated high followed by identification of stakeholders through to project handover which was rated last. Also, with the critical success factors top management support, competent project team, adequate project planning were very critical for the integration of social sustainability into project management practices. More importantly, it is interesting to see that, external factors like, lack of government supports, lack of the effective coordination between key players and issue of time are still key obstacles to promoting industrial innovations toward social sustainable developments.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Master of Science.
Sustainable development, Social considerations, Project management, Stakeholder