Exploring the effects of local community Involvement in the implementation of Government funded projects

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The involvement of local communities is a very significant part of recovery for any community and its projects. In regard to this, the study went into exploring the effects of local community Involvement in the implementation of Government Funded Projects. The objectives of the study which helped in attaining the main aim of the study were; to examine the extent of local communities’ involvement on government funded projects, to identify factors that will ensure local communities involvement in government funded projects, and lastly was to identify effects of local communities’ involvements in government funded projects. The research adopted the quantitative strategy. Data was obtained using questionnaire and base on the purposive sampling technique and the Yamane formulae, the study selected fifty-two (52) project managers including other construction professionals D1K1-D4K4 construction firms. Data from respondents was analyzed and presented using Microsoft Excel software’s and the data was further analyzed using the Mean score ranking and the Relative Importance Index. Results from the first objective came out as; about fourth-fifth percent of the respondents took a great extent in involving local community members and the rest did that partially, which proved how relevant this study will be to the respondents in aiding them to know how to manage and involve local community members. The second objective resulted as follows; The initial point which is essential is to recognize the leaders of the community in order to develop a very significant relationship between management and the community, also by giving the community a higher level of motivation to encourage them in involving themselves in community projects and lastly management must also completely educate the community about the aims of a development project, in making the know how relevant it is to support the project development. The rest of the factors were also ranked in this manner which presented certain important factors that can help in enhancing the involvement of local communities’ members. The last objective also resulted as follows; Community participation is key to the success of any given government funded project and also it builds the tendency to associate, establish link and live peacefully with each other and cooperate well. These elements were presented from literature as the effects of involving local community members, which can also lead to a successful project delivery.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree of Master of Science.
Community, Involvement, Community involvement