Stakeholder impact on infrastructure project management in the Ghanaian construction industry: A study of the perception of construction managers in construction firms

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To achieve project success, proper management procedures and skills are required. This issue becomes of much concern when the project is large and complex. One aspect of the management of project is the management of people who have interest in the project being executed. These group of people, also called stakeholders have the potential to influence the outcome of a particular project. This research study therefore sought to find the impact of stakeholders on infrastructure project management from the perspective of construction managers in the Ghanaian construction industry. In other to achieve this aim, two objectives were set; examine the key factors that influence stakeholder’s decision on construction projects and also to examine stakeholder impact on infrastructure project management. On this basis, critical review of literature was carried out which led to the identification of key factors that influence stakeholders’ decision and also their impact on construction projects. Questionnaires were administered to construction managers who work with D1K1 and D2K2 contractors. Data collected from the survey was analysed using descriptive statistics. The findings from the research show that the decision on the influence of stakeholders on infrastructure project is mostly influence by their power, knowledge of the stakeholders and the stakeholders interest in the project. In addition, it was also discovered that politicians in the municipality and planning officials have greater impact as stakeholders on infrastructure project. The media and the environmentalist were discovered to have the least influence on infrastructure projects in Ghana. The research therefore recommended that assessment of stakeholders should be given high priority right from project inception and estimators should make financial provisions for that. The study also recommended that other research work be done on stakeholders from the perspective of designers, estimators and trade foremen
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Arts and Build an Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement for a Degree of Master of Science in Project Management
Stakeholder, Management, Factors, Perception