Effective stakeholder management and project delivery: A case study on mondelez cocoa life project in Antwima Mponua District

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The research aimed at investigating the impact of poor stakeholder management on project delivery and how important it is to ensure effective stakeholder management during project execution. And in achieving this aim the objectives set were; to identify the impact of poor stakeholder management on project delivery and to identify the strategies to effective stakeholder management in enhancing a successful project delivery. The research adopted the quantitative strategy. Data was obtained using questionnaire and a sample of sixty (60) respondents was considered for the study. The researcher purposively selected stakeholders and this included managers of project, Assembly members, Opinion leaders, Consultants, members of communities, media and professional bodies, after administering the questionnaire, the data returned was 50. Therefore, a sample size of 50 respondents was used for conducting the study. The data was analyzed and presented using the Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) and Microsoft Excel software’s and the data was further analyzed using the Mean score ranking and the Relative Importance Index. It resulted in the research that the main impact of poor stakeholder management was: Project delays (Time overruns), Negative response from stakeholders during project execution, Poor project delivery, and the development of poor communication. These were the first four elements that were ranked. The other factors were also selected by respondents. In the second objective, ten strategies were presented to respondents and after the answers from respondents, the Relative Impotence Index was used to analyze the strategies and the first three most selected strategies were: Management must address stakeholder issues very well and also ensure that the needs of stakeholders are considered when undertaking projects, Reactions and conducts of stakeholders must be tested to identify genuine stakeholders who must be selected and treated well during project execution and the third strategy was Project managers must not monitor stakeholder’s performance only when there is a negative development but rather stakeholder’s activities must be monitored frequently and also be assisted by giving advices when needed. All the other strategies were also selected by respondents even though these strategies were ranked first. These objectives helped in attaining the main aim of the study.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree of Master of Science.
stakeholder, management, Project delivery, stakeholder management