Exploring the factors that influence decision making in tendering for government of Ghana project – A case study of the Adentan and Ga East Municipal Assembly

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The Government of Ghana remains the largest investor in the construction sector in Ghana, delivering much needed infrastructure projects under its development agenda. Construction companies are partners in this process as they bid for these projects to deliver them. Since the government will continue to procure the services of consultants and contractor to execute projects, construction companies will always be required as partners in this process. Construction companies do not only bid for any government project simply because it has been advertised, but also there is a decision-making process that is undertaken. Thus, this study was undertaken to evaluate the factors that influence the decision-making process of construction firms regarding the decision to bid for governmental projects. The objectives were to identify the decision-making processes used and the factors that influenced the decisions. The study made use of quantitative strategy using the census sampling method was used. One hundred and twenty-five (125) questionnaire were administered to construction firms registered with the Adentan and Ga East Municipal Assembly. The questionnaires were analysed using descriptive statistics and mean score indexing. The study revealed that construction companies do not impulsively bid for any government project nor rely on intuition to make the decision, but rather have to depend on experience, past data from previous projects and organise pretender meetings to evaluate the factors of projects they wished to bid for. With regards to the factors that influence the decision to bid for a project, the study revealed that the most significant included the client identity and financial standing, level of competition, project complexity and technological requirements. It was recommended that construction companies must invest in their capacity so they can increase their chances of winning governmental projects
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology & Management College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the of the requirement for Degree of Master of Science,
Exploring, Government of Ghana project, Factors that influence decision making