Stakeholder management challenges on ppp projects in Ghana

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Public infrastructures like roads, schools, rail way systems etc. in Public Private Partnership (PPP) process has been able to attain an international acknowledgement. In Ghana stakeholder management under such projects have become a key talk currently. This study turns to throw light on stakeholder management challenges on PPP projects in Ghana. There were two objectives that supported this study, these objective were to identify stakeholder management challenges on PPP projects in Ghana, and to identify strategies to ensure effective stakeholder management on PPP projects. The study targeted five (5) PPP projects in Accra, and these were: Accra city project, Construction of office of the Head of the Local government service, Redevelopment of salaga market, Re-development of Tuesday market and the Makola market, in which fifty (50) questionnaires which was the sample size, were distributed to respondents on the various projects mentioned. Construction professionals were the main focus of the various PPP projects selected. Data was analyzed using the Relative Importance Index. A data of forty (40) were gathered after the distribution of questionnaires, the analysis of data was conducted using the number of data gathered. Results from the first objective includes: Ineffective coordination among project management team and stakeholders, the lack of addressing general public views, lack of stakeholder engagement, lack of staff capability in PPP project delivery and also, inappropriate relationship management. The factors mentioned are the key challenges on PPP projects mentioned by respondents. Factors selected mainly by respondents under the second objective was: PPP project managers must also involve stakeholders when making decisions and must also involve them in the project process, management must address stakeholder issues very well and also ensure that the needs of stakeholders are considered when undertaking projects, effective coordination among project management team and stakeholders and lastly managers handling PPP projects must also listen and respond well to the needs of stakeholders. These were strategies suggested by the study and also ranked high by respondents to diminish challenges affecting PPP project and also to support successful delivery of PPP projects. The study went into an in-depth research to gather the challenges and strategies in this study, and based on the in-depth knowledge of respondents, part of these factors were selected as most effective. Taking this into consideration, the aim of the study was achieved successfully
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment the requirements for the Award Degree of Master of Science in Project Management.
Stakeholder management, Challenges on ppp projects, Ghana