Assessing the critical factors that influence contractor selection in Ghana: the case of public pre-tertiary educational buildings.

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Construction projects are mostly characterized by high complexity, customization and uncertainty coupled with long duration. Practitioners and academics argue that many of the problems in construction projects are linked to inadequate procurement procedures where the focus is on shortterm individual sub-optimization rather than on long-term project team performance. The study aims to identify the relevant factors for contractor selection in Ghana. A literature review was undertaken and it delved into the factors and relevant criteria considered for contractor selection. The factors that influence the procurement evaluation criteria used in contractor selection were also identified. Objectives were set to help achieve the aim of this study. The study adopted a qualitative method of enquiry with a semi-structured interview guide to gather data from construction and procurement professionals who have gained a minimum of ten years of work experience. The data was recorded using an audio recorder and a notebook and transcribed using MS word 2015 version The findings from the study revealed that, Technical capability to undertake project, Financial class or standing of contractor, Track Record and experience of contractor, complexity of project, legal qualification, plant and equipment holding, past performance record and qualified staff and personnel of contractor are the key factors considered in contractor selection. The study also revealed that the evaluation of the past performance record, financial stability and technical considerations of the contractors helps to assess how the contractor will meet the defined objectives of the projects and similar projects in terms of cost, quality of work, schedule, safety, client satisfaction, relationship with subcontractors, relationship with suppliers as well as relationship with insurance companies. Finally, the study recommended the use of TOPSIS and VIKOR as a multicriteria approach to contractor selection.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Award of a Degree of Master of Science.
Contractor, Multi-criteria approach, procurement evaluation