Assessing the effectiveness of internal supervision in Public Senior High Schools: The case study of Sekyere East District

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It is very much essential in the educational system to determine that activities in educational institutions are carried out in accordance with the goals and objectives of the school. It is in this vain that supervision from which ever quarters (internal or external) should be highly recognized and geared towards finding ways to improve learning and teaching processes in each school or educational institution. The study therefore is aimed at assessing the effectiveness of supervision in public secondary schools to enhance teaching and learning methods in same institutions within Effiduase of the Sekyere East District in the Ashanti Region. To achieve this aim, the objectives were identifying the key purposes of direct supervision in educational institutions, to identify pertinent barriers to the effective internal supervision in public senior high schools and to suggest measures to improve internal supervision in public senior high schools to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. Literature review was conducted on the study and since the study employed a descriptive survey as the research design, a questionnaire was developed. The study adopted a quantitative method using purposive sampling. Out of 72 (Sample size from a population of 250) questionnaires distributed, Sixty-seven (67) responses were retrieved and used for further analysis. The sampled data received was analysed using the relative importance index, mean score ranking and one sample t-test. Findings showed that, professional development of staff, enabling curriculum development, and providing technical support in service delivery were the highest ranked purposes. Lack of remuneration, overcrowded classrooms, lack of respect from school leaders and community members as well as lack of teaching and learning materials were found to be the highest ranked barriers that affect effective supervision at public senior high schools within Effiduase. The study therefore proposed just to mention a few the following measures to improve supervision in public senior high schools to enhance the teaching and learning process; (1) employment of teachers with higher qualifications, (2) providing teachers or supervisors with ongoing support, (3) effective training and retaining of teachers, (4) morale boosting of supervisors, (5) provision of teaching and learning support materials etc. to conclude, the study further recommends that, the impact of supervision on students in educational institutions from the perspectives of other professionals involved in supervision should be explored in future studies.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Awards of Master of Science.
Effiduase in Sekyere East District,, Direct supervision, Public Senior High School