Assessing the impact of Networking on the performance of a bank: (The Wharton model) The case of SG-SSB Kumasi.

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The financial sector is one of the business areas that has been most affected by the spread of new technologies, particularly the internet. These technologies have not only had a bearing on the internal organizational process, but have also had a sizeable influence on the way in which financial institutions interrelate with customers Furthermore these technologies as well as the emergence of intense financial service providers have been the main driving force of competition. These developments have been redefining the success factors for the industry participants. This study will seek to identify strategies that banks consider and values that must be created through the networking programmes to ensure effective performance of the bank. Research was carried out in Kumasi branches of SG-SSB bank to elicit the views of customers, key managers, IT staff, and staff on the impact of networking through value creation on the performance of the bank. Findings are that the bank’s strategy for embarking on networking programmes is expansion. Even though networking programmes have some advantages some customers value the banker/customer relationship. The values created by the bank through its networking programmes are increased customer convenience through flexibility in banking service, reduction of problems encountered in human contacts, reduction of waiting time, providing precise and accurate information and increasing market share by meeting the changing needs of customers. However some customers complained about occasional failure of the network which was confirmed by IT staff as well as key managers. Responses about measures management is putting in place to rectify the situation appears management is not doing enough. Management must ensure that IT staffs are continually given the necessary training for new applications and equipment. Also their server should be upgraded to accommodate the high growth in customer database to ensure total convenience to the customer. Furthermore findings also point towards profitability being the major impact of networking on the performance of the bank.
A Thesis submitted to the college of Art and Social Sciences, School of Business,Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology In partial fulfillment of the requirement of the MBA program, 2008