The Moderating Role Of Relationship Adaptation In The Relationship Between Social Capital And Buyer– Supplier Relationships Among Startup Businesses In Ghana.

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The purpose of this study was to examine the moderating role of relationship adaptation in the relationship between social capital and buyer– supplier relationships with empirical evidence from startup businesses in Ghana. The study concludes that Relationship-Specific Adaptations significantly influences Supplier Buyer Relationship of firms, the study again conclude that Social Capital significantly influences Supplier Buyer Relationship among firms and finally, hence the result also showed that the relationship between Social Capital and Supplier Buyer Relationship is not just a unidirectional relationship but moderated by Relationship-Specific Adaptations. This study therefore affords a twofold contribution in the context of developing economies, especially Sub-Saharan African continent; the first fold provides contemporary insight of role of social capital of start-ups may plays essential role in buyer supplier relationships which has received limited attention in the supply chain setting The outcome of this research sufficiently addresses all three main hypotheses set out from the onset of the research by bringing out and examining the key factors that impact Supplier Buyer Relationship in the manufacturing firms. In as much as the implication of the study is important for discussion, it is also pertinent to deliberate on the practical and theoretical contributions of this research.
A thesis submitted to the department of, school of graduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the post graduate studies