The Effect of BDAC on Supply Chain Innovation: The Mediating Role of Learning Orientation

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The study was conducted to examine the mediating role of learning orientation (LO) on big data analytics capabilities (BDAC) on supply chain innovation (SCI) in Ghana. A descriptive and explanatory research designs was employed for this study's data collection. A quantitative method was used for this investigation. The 264 procurement, logistics, and top executives or managers were chosen using a stratified sampling process. The major method of collecting information was a predetermined questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed using both SPSS v26 and SmartPls v4. The data was analysed using both descriptive and inferential methods. The finding reveals a significant positive direct influence on BDAC to SCI and LO. BDAC had a significant positive direct influence on LO. Lastly, LO positively mediates BDAC-SCI interactions. When senior management values research and development, technical leadership, and innovations, SC innovation improves. It encourages all workers to think creatively about supply chain operations, service delivery, and technology. The research advocated emphasising staff development and encouraging creative behaviour to attain competitive advantage and company sustainability.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems, KNUST School of Business in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT