The effects of green supply chain management practices on firms’ performance; mediating role of green innovation of manufacturing firms in Ghana

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The aim was to investigate the effect of GSCM practices on firms’ performance; mediating role of green innovation. The specific objectives the study sought to achieve includes; to analyze the effect of GSCM on performance; to investigate the effect of green innovation on firms’ performance and to examine the mediating effects of green innovation on GSCM practices and performance. A cross-sectional quantitative research approach was employed on a sample of two-hundred (200) respondents who were randomly selected. Questionnaire was employed using structured closed-ended 7-point Likert Scale. Descriptive statistics, such mean score, standard deviation, correlation, Multinomial logistics regression and Process Macro V3.3 method were employed for interpretation. The study’s finding revealed that GSCM practices had direct no significant effect on firm performance. Also, green innovation had direct significant effect on firms’ performance. Also, green innovation has full mediation effect on the relationship between GSCM practices and firm performance. The study recommends that firms should set aside about 5% of the annual net profit and re-invest into green innovations. This help the firms to improve their green innovations activities within the supply chain which tend to improve firms performance in short and long period.
A thesis submitted to the department of supply chain and information systems in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of science procurement and supply chain management