Effects of Educational Resources on Teaching and Learning of General Knowledge in Art at Effiduasi Senior High School, Ashanti Region

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The education system in Ghana is steadily developing even as it is confronted with a number of defects which include inadequate educational resources in Senior High Schools owing to poor planning and improper management. The study aims to examine the effects of educational resources on the teaching and learning of General Knowledge in Art at Effiduasi Senior High School and also seek to document the types and nature of educational resources available, the effects of educational resources on students‘ academic performance as well as proposing innovative strategies to manage educational resources for the teaching and learning of GKA at Effiduasi Senior High School. The study espoused the mixed method research design and the descriptive research design with a total of 68 population including 62 (sixty-two) Form Three Visual Art students in the school offering GKA, the headmistress, Head of Department for Visual Art, and 4 (four) Visual Art teachers. The research sought to find the types and nature of physical facilities, material and human resources available at Effiduasi Senior High. The study adopted the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression model in analyzing the data. The study found that the educational resources have significantly positive effects on students‘ performance at 1% level. This means that improvement in the educational resources increase students‘ academic performance. The study further revealed that students‘ level of punctuality and teacher motivation have positive while project undertaken by student has negative but all statistically insignificant relationship with students‘ academic performance. The general conclusion of this study is that educational resources are scientifically related to student academic performance and that their relations are so important that they cannot be overlooked. The study therefore recommended that regular maintenance and replacement of existing resources, teachers‘ motivation, frequent monitoring and evaluation of teachers, and student projects and good storage facilities are factors that the government and other stakeholders should ensure in order to improve performance in GKA.
A thesis submitted to Department of Education Innovation in Science and Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY