The Role of Accounting Systems in National Budgeting: (Evidence from the Implementation of GIFMIS in Ghana)

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Governments all over the world and especially in developing countries, have been preoccupied with initiatives to ensure efficiency and accountability in the use of public funds. A lot of concerns have been raised by the public on the timely preparation of budget and how the budgeting activities at the Controller Accountant Generals Department are been undertaken. The national budget requires that financial information is properly plan and estimated in order to achieve the desired output. In view of this the introduction of GIFMIS is a major programme to ameliorate this issue within the public sector. This study sought to examine the role of GIFMIS in the preparation of National Budget. The study implored the descriptive research design using the survey design approach. A sample size of 50 respondents were target using a structured questionnaire for data collection. Quantitative data was gathered through questionnaires and analyzed using Excel and Statistical Package for Social Science(SPSS) version 20 and tested using tables and frequencies as well as statistical tools like mean, mode and standard deviation. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents disagree to the assertion that the GIFMIS framework allows for the integration of strategic plans into the charts of Accounts., However, most of the participant strongly believe that the introduction of GIFMIS has brought about speed, accuracy and a faster way of the budget preparation. Finally, it was evident that poor network connectivity and I.T infrastructure is a major challenge to most public organizations. In addition, the findings indicated how GIFMIS framework has helped to curb discrepancies that occur between the budgeted and actual expenditure. The study concluded that the role of GIFMIS has brought about speed, accuracy and a faster way of the budget preparation. Also, about comprehensiveness and transparency in public financial management. Finally, poor network connectivity and I.T infrastructure are the key challenges faced as a result of GIFMIS by CAGD.
A Thesis submitted to Department of Accounting and Finance College of Humanities and Social sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirement for degree of Msc Accounting and Finance