Assessment of the Operations and Performance of Activated Sludge Treatment a Juapong Textiles Limited (JTL), Juapong

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The purpose of this research was to evaluate the performance of the Activated Sludge Treatment Plant at Juapong Textiles Limited (JTL): identify the causes of its current poor performance which is of major concern to the Company; and to determine how the problems associated with the Plant could be remedied, in order that treated effluent would meet EPA Guidelines for discharge into receiving water bodies. Conclusions and recommendations were based on a study of the activated sludge theory, consultations with wastewater treatment experts and field studies of raw sewage quality and quantity, treated effluent quality and quantity, mixed liquor and activated sludge quality, residence times and oxygen transfer. The main issue identified as contributing to the current performance of the plant, based on an input - output analysis of all the unit processes, was ineffective process control in the aeration unit, which was identified as the problem centre. Recommendations include training of personnel, provision of manuals and reference literature, proper process operation and control and future adoption of treatment technologies more suited for conditions in developing countries, for example, Waste Stabilisation Ponds.
A thesis submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the award of Master of Science, 2002