Paradise Club Redevelopment

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Paradise club is an existing club house located in Tema. It is a private establishment with the main objective of providing a membership club facility that will have a total sports and fitness environment, and commercial activities such as shops to take care of members’ immediate needs. The club house is located in community two in Tema with its main boundaries being Sergeant Adjetey drive along its eastern border, residential houses to its western and northern borders, the Bethel clinic to its southern end, and a minor access road to its north eastern end. The site covers a total area of 3.66 acres with the present existing facilities on site occupying about 22% of it. Paradise club was built in 1954 with its original owner being Parkerson Howard. It was then known as Tay Court and was mainly patronized by the British Mariners. The original facilities included the multi-purpose faculty of the Tennis Courts. Around 1968, the property was acquired by another foreigner, Mr. Basil Papaonnou who changed its name to Parhow club. It was used as a club house and video theatre around this period. The restaurant was added to the existing facility at that time. Management, however, was taken over by Mrs. Nana Obu Michaelis around the mid 1970’s, who was the proprietress until the facility was acquired by the present management, Business Development Consultancy (BDC) in 1994. Existing facilities on site presently include a multipurpose facility which is centrally positioned on site and comprises of a multi-purpose hall, a video room, a bar and an open air theatre; a restaurant and its ancillary facilities to the eastern side; four (4no.) tennis courts to the north eastern portion; and a caretaker unit with its detached toilet facility to the western end of the site. Membership of the club has mainly been made up of young professionals in and around Tema. Other users include expatriate staff of some organisations in Tema, and other residents in Tema and surrounding areas. Other activities by the club apart from its outdoor sports include indoor games such as draught, ludo, chess and cards. Recently, a keep fit club was formed, who make use of the tennis courts. The management committee of the club also organises dances, lectures and plays among others for its members. The club has reciprocal membership with Hill top club in Cape Coast, GPHA Club in Tema, Accra Tennis club in Accra, and Valco club in Tema.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1996