Assessing the entrepreneurial skills of real estate developers in Ghana.

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April, 2010.
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Shelter is one of the physiological needs of mankind. Providing housing to every family has become a major issue, in view of higher population growth and rural-urban migration. Real Estate Developers are expected to be major contributors to the solution of the housing problems in Ghana. However, their impact is not felt. The study investigated the entrepreneurial skills and characteristics of Real Estate Developers in Ghana as a means of determining how they impact on their performance. The survey method was used to identify the entrepreneur’s skills and characteristics of Real Estate Developers. Upon rating the various skills and characteristics the results were later ranked. It was realized that those characteristics and skills that enables Real Estate Developers to plan for long-term and to invest as such were ranked low. Rather, those ones which drive them into the Real Estate Business received high ranking. It was also realized that only 10.5% of the members come from the built environment. It was concluded that the needed education be given to Real Estate Developers to have long and sustainable planning. It was also recommended that entrepreneurs with background in the built environment be encouraged to undertake Real Estate Development as their business.
A thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Master of Science in Construction Management.