Rural energy resources utilization and District development - a case study of Nkoranza District

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Energy plays a vital role in the domestic and economic activity of man. Energy, in any form, influences the pattern of development in every society. For the energy sector to contribute its quota and enhance development, it is important that information is gathered on energy sources, levels of consumption, the types of fuels commonly used for domestic and non-domestic activities and the various end-use devices commonly used. The recognition of the need to gather such information to direct development of a sound energy base to promote overall development in Nkoranza District influenced the present study. This study through a sample survey of 40 households in 4 settlements and 10 small-scale enterprises highlights the high dependence of the district on biomass fuel, notably firewood and charcoal to satisfy both domestic and industrial needs. Kerosene is found to be the major source of fuel for lighting, using hurricane lamps. The local brazier (coalpot) and the 3-stone fireplace were the common end-use devices used for cooking and brewing. Levels of consumption, it was observed from the survey, vary with household size - smaller households consume higher amounts of the three basic fuel types especially firewood and kerosene.
A Thesis submitted to the Board of Post - Graduate Studies, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Development Planning and Management,1994.