Symbol of unity: a commemorative ceramic mural for the Tenth Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement

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Commemorative objects serve as a Memorial to someone or something. It is logical therefore that only the most important persons or events are remembered for what they are. It is important in this light that a ceramic mural ought to be made to commemorate the Tenth Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned movement.. The choice of material is unique-clay. Clay is the most durable and indestructible material when fired and can stand all times and tide without losing the original shape it was given. The theme is unity. Unity is desired by all mankind for peaceful co-existence. The symbol of unity portrays the aspiration of the organisation of the Non-Aligned Movement and the individual member countries. Since culture is dynamic, Ghanaian cultural symbols have been incorporated in the design of the mural with the intention of promoting and preserving our cultural heritage. The international touch of the mural is found in the representation of the globe and the doves. This mural is a state treasure to be kept for posterity. Future generations must all know that once upon a time, the Tenth Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement was held in Accra, Ghana from 2nd to 7th September 1991, a story to be told by the commemorative mural - the desirable aim of this project. The project research was conducted through library studies, reading and culling of publications, personal interviews, and actual practical work including experiments. The extensive use of photographs and illustrations are 1tnded to educate both the ceramic artist and non-ceramic artist who may wish to take up similar projects on the actual skills involved in the execution of the ceramic murals.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Art Education, 1991