Graphic Corporation; A Newspaper and Publishing Plant

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Established as a registered newspaper organisation in 1951, Graphic Corporation, publishers, printers, and advertisers, has undergone a marked evolution of its functions from printers to the nation most widely circulating daily and weekly, the Daily Graphic and the Mirror. In addition the Corporation produces a weekly sports magazine, the Graphic Sports and undertakes a variety of commercial printing works. The Corporation has, in many respect lived well to its task of fulfilling what service a newspaper should render to the community it belong. It is unfortunate however, that infrastructure and other facilities, especially those related to working spaces for accommodation of personnel and machines, present at the Corporation’s disposal are grossly inadequate for its range and scope of activities. This set back is an undermining feature which needs to be checked if the Corporation’s successes are to be ensured.
a thesis submitted to the Department of Architecture, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the post Graduate in Diploma an Architecture.