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The old adage “A chain is as strong its weakest link” depicts the vital relationship between a whole and any of its parts that characteristics the crucial importance of the harmful effects upon the entire societal group of the criminal or delinquent acts of a few of its members. The incidence at anti-social behaviour is especially significant in a democratic society. Our future progress depends in a great part upon the kind of personnel and social development and adjustment that our young people are experimenting with at present. Far it in the youth of today who will become the adults at the helm at National Affairs tomorrow, making the way they develop into nature adulthood of utmost importance for this reason, if for none at all, national leaders and policy makers should display a vital interest in the prevention of delinquents behaviour and in the reformation and rehabilitation of delinquent children and teenagers.. As Concerns the prevention of delinquent behaviour, this is catered for by the combined efforts of the juvenile courts, the Department of Social Welfare and a series of reformatories classified according to the age at offenders. This is further elaborated upon in this work. The facility under consideration, The Ghana Borstal Institution at Maamobi, the only such of its category in the country is meant for male Juvenile offenders between the ages of 16 - 21 years, This institution states its aim as being: “Dedicated to the belief that intraining of citizenship lies In the hope for the future” All in an attempt to make thee more fit for the responsibilities of the adult citizen of the free and democratic society in which we live. This consists summarily of the reformation and rehabilitation through industrial training to enable the offender to return to the society a responsible citizen. Personal visits to the Institution and experience of the atmosphere of the place, said to be established for the above mention reason, led me to Judge the place Inadequate for the purpose This work therefore is a personal reaction to r experience, what it tries to do, In a nutshell, is this: i) To closely examines the facility as it stands at the moment and identify the exact elements that make it inadequate for its stated purpose. ii) To discover what constitutes an adequate and effective facility end then based on these. ii) Proceed to make a fresh design proposal for the facility all together. What even solutions evolve frog those studies, it Is aim that the behaviour of the adolescent inmate be not only guided merely to avoid further court action but also that he be encouraged to acquire the much needed improvement in his fundamental attitudes and behaviour thereby dealing with the problem at its riot cause.
A thesis presented to the Department of Architecture in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture