High Medium Security Correctional Institution, Titrinu

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Prisons have been in existence for centuries, as a means of punishing citizens who have committed crimes, and yet in our world today crime is still on the increase. A perfect solution to crime will still evade us since the root causes have not been dealt with appropriately but let it not be said that Prisons don’t have a role to play in the fight of crime. Prison designs have taken a different trend, doing away with the ugliness, vulgarity and indifference which were an intrinsic element in earlier designs. Reformation, re integration and rehabilitation are philosophical directions being taken today. Prisons have become places of humane aspirations and well meaning social experimentation. This trend has not caught up well with the Ghanaian society. Our society still see’s prisons as dumping sites and are unmoved by what really goes on in there. Over crowding and neglect of basic human needs characterizes Ghanaian Prisons. The penal system is not achieving much and as long as revenge remains the philosophical direction moving the prisons, it will remain so for many years to come. Ibis necessitated my visit to some of the prisons in the country in my quest to find some sort of remedy. An extensive study was carried out to understand what really constitutes a correctional facility. Some countries have managed to achieve their goal with respect to turning inmates into model citizens. Their methods were studied and an appropriate variation developed for Ghana. A site as then picked at Titrinu in the Ho Municipality, where a model Correctional Facility designed based on my research will be sited. This functional facility will correct the draw backs in the design of correctional facilities in Ghana. This will give the government and concerned citizens an insight of the steps to be taken in our goal achieving an effective Penal System.
A thesis submitted to the Department Of Architecture in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture, 2009