The Agbeliza festival in Avenorpedo:- Its implication for aesthetic education

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The political and culture history of Avenorpedo has long suffered from inadequate references made to Avenorpedo by Mr. M.A.Y Ahete, a professional teacher, very little was known about the role of Avenora in the political and cultural history of the Eves. Information relatives to this remained the monopoly of the traditional historians. The author’s humble contribution of the documentation of the events surrounding the people of Avenorpedo is to portray a very significant cultural heritage of the Avenorpedo people vis-à-vis the ‘Agbeliza’ festival. It is also to establish the claim that the people of Avenorpedo originated the ‘Agbliza’ festival, the first and only festival of its kind in the Avenor Traditional area. The topic for this long essay has been originated by the writer to concur with what actually goes on during the ‘Agbeliza’ festival. This ‘Agbeliza’ festival has not been referreed to as major festival for the Avenors since its institution. However, it is through its origin and careful study of its celebration that the writer has deduced that it might be the magor festival for the Avenors. One cannot say that the Avenors have realized or recognised the festival as a very important to them, but one can say that they feel it is their civic and cultural duty to comply with all regulations concerning the festival and to participate to make it successful. The author has finally attempted to establish the fact that the people of Avenorpedo have developed concepts of aesthetic which are expressed in the various tenets of their artistic culture. In this regard, he has tried to record all important and informative aspects of the observances and events that are embodied in the ‘Agbeliza’ festival with keenest interest and the aesthetic experience gained from it. Towards this cause, the author has attempted to introduce a background history of the people of Avenorpedo. This, he has done by casting a cursory glance at the origin of the people and the events that led to the celebration of the festival. Through this featival, people get to know the occupation of the Avenors, and also the identification of artistic symbolisms within the Avenor Traditional Area. These artistic symbols have been described and their meanings brought to the fore. The continued celebration of this festival and participation in this festival will help contribute largely to the maintenance of this rich culture heritage of the people of Avenorpedo.
A long essay presented to the College of Art, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the postgraduate Diploma in Art Education, 1991