Interactive electronic books as an educational tool for children

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Electronic Publication is an area of publishing yet to be tapped into by the Ghanaian publishing industry. One of the growing and very vibrant areas of electronic publishing is scholarly publication. In all areas of human activity including teaching, the amount of information increases rapidly. The use of new computer technologies will allow education automation. So called “interactive books” are the modern information technologies ensuring the process of education. Interactive books are one of many Electronic Publishing materials that can be used to enhance the learning process. However, the publishing industry of Ghana since its inception in the early 1900s has seen very little in these innovations. The research examined the various types of electronic publications and the best ways of producing and making them effective in educating children. This work also documented the importance of producing interactive books and identified the factors that contribute to unsatisfactory finish of some electronic publications. The researcher used qualitative instruments like observations, interviews and check-lists to acquire data and evaluate result of findings made during the research period. The researcher completes the project by implementing a prototype and makes very vital recommendations like how imperative the incorporation of eBooks are to the education sector. The research therefore recommends that the Publishing Department should embrace new and innovative methods in the introduction and development of eBooks into the Ghanaian Publishing Industry
A thesis submitted to the Department of Publishing Studies, College of Arts and Social Sciences, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Art,