Prospects and challenges of public private partnership in car park management in Kumasi: (case of KMA and gold street real estate consult)

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Public Private Partnership (PPP) has become a major approach for government to procure goods and services for many nations. However, concerns are often raised about the partnership between a public entity and private ones as a result of their motives of operation. Public entities often operate on a low profit base with private entities being profit oriented organisations. This necessitated the study of a partnership between KMA and Gold Street in the provision of car parks in the Kumasi Metropolis. Literature was reviewed on Public Private Partnership (PPP) types and mode of operation. Five (5) methods were identified as well as the challenges and prospects of PPP and matched again data collected from the field. Data for the study was obtained from primary and secondary sources. Purposive sampling procedure was used to select the major people involved in using a particular method in the district. Data collected from the survey was collated, synthesized and analyzed to provide the reference point for analysis. Key findings included:  Contract Management is the type of partnership been used by KMA and Gold Street.  The partnership has helped ensured the generation of revenue to the Assembly and security for the car park users.  Bureaucracy and delay in release of funds are the main challenges of the partnership.  There is a high potential for revenue generation if challenges are addressed Education of car park users on the operations of the partnership as well as a need for timely release of funds was some of the key recommendations.
A thesis submitted to department of Building Technology, Collage of Architecture and Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MSc. Procuremen Management, 2014