Team Integration on Construction Projects – The Role of the Client

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A successful construction project is one which is able to meet or deviate as minimal as possible from the estimated budget, the stipulated time and the expected standard of quality and performance with overall satisfaction from project stakeholders. Team integration as an emerging technique seeks to eliminate the fragmentation within the construction industry and its related inefficiencies. The qualitative approach was adopted in gathering and analysing data. Interviews were conducted with clients who have been involved in team integration to solicit expert opinions and these were analysed qualitatively to reach conclusions and recommendations. It can be concluded that team integration is necessary in construction projects. However, it was determined to be more useful in the project initiation and design stages, procurement and construction stages. It was concluded that factors affecting team integration include diversity of the project team, cooperation between team members, level of communication between team members, client attributes and relationship with the team members. Problems of team integration identified included the protection of professional integrity or pride and comfort in dealing within sub-groups at the expense of the project teams. It is recommended that the role of the client is key particularly in the mobilising and timely release of funds, acquiring all the relevant licenses and permits, giving clear briefing and clear objectives, supervision and interest in the project. The client should show interest in the project, integrate himself properly into the team and show leadership. Client should agreement with the project team on the specifications and conditions in the early stages of the project. It is recommended for further research on the role of the client in forming a seamless or ideal integrated team for construction projects.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Architecture and Planning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.
Team Integration, Client