Remodeling of the Baptist Children's Orphanage. (Trotor, In Southern Ghana)

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(social welfare of Ghana, 2005). In present times a number of factors have lead to the ineffectiveness of the role of the extended families. Mortality during the past times was low since it was usually as a result of female mortality during birth or as a result of health problems beyond their medication. The number of children who lost their parents were not many and could be catered for by their extended family members. With the present trend of life style, especially with the emergence of the information and communication technology, means of transportation, the upsurge of HIV/AIDS and, mobility or mortality rate among child bearing women more lives are lost cumulatively over a very few years as compared to the various world war eras in Ghana. These are some of the reasons more orphans are getting into the system than ever. If this situation is not check by creating well organized institutions to complement the broken down traditional systems and present life style, most of these children will become burden to society. This thesis seeks to investigate by data collection and analysis, factors which impact on the establishment of orphanages in Ghana and the fundamentals of the scientific principle for establishing an orphanage under modern prevailing conditions. It looks at the town and country planning principle for citing orphanages, most progressive spatial planning conditions for a typical orphanage in order to determine the nomenclature or type of orphanages and also to determine the specifics of the climate requirement on the orphanages. The whole study was done with the use of qualitative and humanistic approach toward orphanages, 'phenomenology' (Jackson and Smith 1984). It was found out that though there are specific regulations governing the minimum spatial requirement for eachenCol">description  </td> <td headers="t2" class="evenRowOddCol">provenance</td> <td headers="t3" class="evenRowEvenCol"> <textarea id="value_dc_description_provenance_00" name="value_dc_description_provenance_00" rows="3" cols="50">Submitted by Richard Lamptey ( on 2011-08-11T21:00:24Z No. of bitstreams: 1 KNUST Library.pdf: 7257 bytes, checksum: 649cf3199c3e426ac59d46e128b7b99e (MD5)
A Thesis Submitted to the Department Of Architecture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for the degree of Master of Architecture.