The impact of customer relationship management on teaching and learning in tertiary institutions - a case study of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

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The most important resource of any nation it has been established is its human resource .The ability of a country to develop its human capital will go a long way to contribute to its development. It is in recognition of this fact that any innovative strategy that will help to improve the teaching and learning process is important. The prime puipose of this thesis is to bring to light some of the innovative strategies which can help in the improvement of the teaching and learning process in tertiary institutions using the case study of KNUST. In order to reach this purpose, research questions focused on factors that constitute effective teaching and learning, how customer relationship management concepts is being practised at KNUST in the teaching and learning process, how these customer relationship management practices impacts teaching and learning and to recommend critical factors for improving teaching and learning. Based on the research objectives and questions, a literature review was conducted that resulted in a conceptual framework presenting a foundation for the data to be collected for this study. A qualitative and quantitative case study methodology was used, using questionnaires and interviews in KNUST of both lecturers and students who were the real focus of our study. The general result of the study was that teaching and learning in KNUST was generally thought to be very good as the factors that constitute effective teaching and learning was being consistently used. The most frequently used factors were respect for students by lecturers, motivation of students, opportunity to ask questions in class by students, conducive lecture halls and, punctuality of lecturers to class. Further results of the study were that lecturers frequently employed technology in the classroom which helped in class delivery as well as in capturing student data to ensure customization of teaching and learning. In addition it was realised that the application of customer relationship management practices to teaching and learning will increase overall student’s achievement and also motivate students in their learning. It was also established that there was a positive impact on teaching and learning through the application of customer relationship management practices. Finally it was realized that the alignment of theory with practice together with the strengthening of relationship between lecturers and students will improve teaching and learning. Customer relationship management practices has an important role to play in improving teaching and learning.  
A thesis submitted to the School of Business, Kwame Nkrjjmah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration, 2008